Spotlight indexing may be slow

Here’s a quote from macosrumors

Comment: The timing of Tiger’s release may be just right for some users. Install Tiger and leave for your vacation in Fiji. When you get back home, Spotlight indexing will be finished. You will actually be able to use your computer. :smiley:

I’m looking forward to Spotlight, but that quote makes me appreciate DEVONthink even more. Sure, DT indexing takes CPU resources too, but DT gives me full control of when and how I make additions to my database. And DEVONthink indexes all the text in a long document, not just the first 100 KB or so.

Don’t be too hasty to quote opinions from rumor sites full of people that more likely then not have no access to the APIs or the documentation. Having seed access and reading rumor sites leads to good humor rather then informed reading.

Public-disclosed information about Spotlight can be found here:

One last thing… without putting my NDA on a slate.

These technologies are complementary at best. DT is perfect for all those things you thought to put in your database, (as shown in the prior URL) Spotlight is perfect for all those things you did not. Whether there is any truth to the Rumor-mill or not is irrelevant because implementation bugs wrt to performance get better over time. What is important is that the design is well thought out so that the technology does not need a rework. Clearly the design is well thought out, and both DT Pro and Spotlight will sit nicely at the same table together… I can already attest to this (well not the DT Pro part ahem :wink:)

True, but I like humor. :slight_smile:

Obviously, I hope that the quote was from someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Even if Spotlight takes a while to do initial indexing of drive contents, it sounds great – potentially useful enought to put up with some inconvenience while it gets ready to do its thing.

What gave me pause when I read the quote, however, was remembering why I didn’t use content indexing back in Classic OS days. It took forever and looked at only a portion of large files. I found it much more convenient to use UltraFind, which searched selected folders/folder groups on the fly, allowed further filtering of search results and could save search queries. (Of course, UltraFind content searches were much slower than DEVONthink content searches.)

Yes, it sounds like DT and Spotlight will make quite a combination.

Like 3.5 hours, for 3 250 GB HDDs, with about 400 GB of data, total.

Annoying during install, but I don’t think that bad, as it’s a “one time, at install” sort of thing.