Spotlight no longer finding DT files in closed databases after Sonoma update

I just switched to a new Mac (via Time Machine) and updated the OS to Sonoma. All DT files seem to be there, but Spotlight is no longer finding files in closed DT databases. I rely on this function A LOT as I have several large Databases which overlap in subject matter. On my old set up, I could just keep a few Databases open and use Spotlight to find and open anything not popping up in a DT search. Now I have to guess what DB something is in to try to find it.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution? I tried to get Spotlight to re-index by adding and then removing DT databases from the privacy exclusions in Spotlight settings, but that didn’t work. My DT files are stored in Databases in my Home User area, not in Documents, iCloud, etc.

See Issue with Spotlight metadata - #15 by kikujiro

Thanks- it was actually much easier than that-- no need to re-download. Just needed to open each data base and select “rebuild” in File > Database Properties. “Create Spotlight Index” was already selected in all DB but pushing the rebuild button seemed to do the trick.

Thanks for the follow-up and we’re glad to hear it’s working again.

PS: Adding and removing the databases from Spotlight’s Privacy settings would actually have no effect. Spotlight doesn’t index inside packages and there are some other technical details inside a database that prohibits it as well. The Rebuild button you used was the correct action. :slight_smile: