Spotlight not seeing Documents in DevonThink

I recently moved everything to a new computer. Now Spotlight doesn’t find anything I put in DT Pro. (I have the current version). I create a file and save it and it is in spotlight. Copy the file to DT Pro and delete the original and spotlight no longer finds it. I have checked and I do not have the preference to not use spotlight checked.

Is there a way to tell DT to re-index. Or should I tell Spotlight to reindex?

Perhaps you mean the same thing, but there is not a preference to check to not use Spotlight-you check the preference to use Spotlight, and you need to do it for each database that you want Spotlight to index. As example to enable Spotlight for the Global Inbox select File menu, Database Properties…>Inbox and check ‘Create Spotlight Index’.

OK, I feel kind of stupid. I did not see that InBox has a different set of properties to databases. This fixed my problem.

Thank you very much.

Have to do it every time DTPO is restarted. It does not save these settings.

Really? Over here the settings have always been persistent. Perhaps turn off the preference. Close the database. Restart DEVONthink. Re-activate the preference and re-build the Spotlight index for that database. This procedure might force persistence.

Tried number of times. Now, a Keyboard Maestro macro is doing it on every relaunch.

Please look into ~/Libary/Caches/Metadata/DEVONthink Pro 2/ – you should see numerous folders with names comprising a long string of alphanumeric characters. If present, those are the caches created by DEVONthink. Deep in those folders are files with a .dtp2 extension – which are pointers to the documents in your databases. If those folders are persisting after you shutdown DEVONthink, and then again after you restart DEVONthink (without the Keyboard Maestro routine) then I’d suggest the problem is elsewhere on your machine and not in DEVONthink. For instance, the Spotlight settings in System Preferences.

Have you rebooted recently?

I wonder also if this might be a permissions problem?

There are loads of .dtp2 files in there. These files stay there even if spotlight search is off in DTPO and after a restart. There is one more issue. Whatever I enable from the database properties, gets disabled after a restart of DTPO. The issue is with the default Inbox database only.