Spotlight problem using DTPO and S1300

Very new user to DTPO here, so excuse me if this is a very basic question. I’m using a Scansnap S1300 to scan directly into DTPO. So far, the two work incredibly well together. However, I’m having a problem with Spotlight searching.

While my PDFs are OCR’d and fully searchable within the DTPO search function, only the title is searchable in Spotlight. Digging into this a little deeper, it appears like the original scan (located in my User–>Pictures folder) is not OCR’d, while the image within DTPO is OCR’d. What appears to be happening is that the original scan goes into this folder, then a copy is sent to DTPO, where it is OCR’d by DTPO.

I’d like for the entire text to be searchable both in DTPO and Spotlight. If searched the forums and tried to implement some of the suggested solutions. “Create Spotlight Index” is already checked. I’ve tried to rebuild. Yet Spotlight still doesn’t search the body of my PDFs.

Given that the Scansnap S1300 is new, I wondered if it or its software is the problem. This new model comes with ABBYY software, so it can OCR by itself Should I change settings to have the original scan OCR’d by the Scansnap software, then send it to DTPO?

I’d very much appreciate any advice experienced users can give me. I imagine this problem may have occurred with the S1500M or other models with OCR capabilities. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Are you able to find any other items inside the database via Spotlight? And is DTPO installed in the folder /Applications?

Thanks for the quick response.

I am able to use Spotlight to find documents in the Devonthink database, but only the title of the PDFs. Thus far, I’ve only scanned in a few dozen PDFs. Title is fully searchable, but none of the content. (But I can search content within the DTPO search function.)

Yes, DTPO is installed in the Applications folder.

Can you search the content of other items (e.g. RTF) in the database via Spotlight?

Yes, if I save an RTF file into the database, Spotlight seems to have no trouble finding it.

I just re-scanned everything and the Spotlight search seems to be working. No idea what the problem was before. Thanks for the help trying to solve.

However, Spotlight only seems to find written text and not numbers in the PDFs. DTPO has no problem finding the number. Is this typical?

As far as I know, Spotlight does not index everything (e.g. skips stop words, numbers and only uses up to x words per document) contrary to DEVONthink.