Spotlight, proper undo, trashcan

Hello dear Devons,

I’ve been trying DevonThink and other similar apps on and off for the last 6 months, I was using Soho Notes but needed more power (and less bugs/grumpy customer service). I finally decided to go for DevonThink, got me the Pro Office tonight, thanks. I am very impressed and think I made the right choice. however there are a few shortcomings that are kinda obvious to me, and really made me doubt for a long time (and some still make me a bit uneasy):

  • No Spotlight integration (in 2007!!!)
    I understand this is planned for the next version, I hope that is very soon. DTP has a brilliant search system, but that does not excuse the lack of having Spotlight as an entry mechanism above that, I am used to finding/navigating to anything via Spotlight.

  • Crazy undo system
    Bolding a word in the text is undoable. Moving a document is not. Typing a word inside a text is undoable. Typing a word in the title field is not. What is undoable? what is not?

  • Pestering “are you sure” dialogues over and over again
    I am not my mom :slight_smile: Couldn’t (shouldn’t) this be handled by an undo system? I find it much more elegant to be able to undo any ooopses, instead of being kept asking if I intend to do something. The most annoying I can think of is deleting items. Why not just put it into a Trashcan, like everything else in OSX? And if I hit the wrong key somewhere, oops, i just hit cmd-Z.

Anyway, I think I did the right choice and can’t wait to keep throwing data into Devon… seems to me the database is much more responsive than Soho Notes.

I actually prefer the confirmation messages. I tend to empty trashcans compulsively…