Spotlight Search and then Open Doc in Default App


When I do a Spotlight search for a doc that is in my DT database, sometimes it opens in the default app and other times it does not.

In the results window for the Spotlight search, the icon represented is DT for those docs that do not open in the default app. The icon represented for those that do open in their default is the default app’s icon. Example the Excel or Word icon.

My files all reside inside DT and are not linked to other folders.

I thought it had something to do with the version of Excel or Word I’m using but I get mixed results for older versions of Excel or Word. By that, I mean that a file that was saved in an older version of Excel may or may not open.

I searched the site but didn’t find anything similar to this. If it’s there, I apologize fo a duplicate post.

Thanks In Advance

Spotlight doesn’t return the actual files but some proxy files from DEVONthink’s Spotlight metadata cache which have to be opened in DEVONthink first.

Thanks for the reply. I guess that explains why it works for some files and not others.