Spotlight search in keynote files


I’m very happy for the new spotlight feature. Although I experience the following problem: keynote files that reside in DT don’t get indexed. True?

Is this missing yet?


Not yet.

I have to chime in for iWork file support. One of the joys of using a Mac is being able to use some of the great software for the platform, and Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are just that.

Please oh please support these files :slight_smile:


See “yet” in my previous post. :slight_smile:

For the time being, you can import iWorks files into your database if the Preferences > Import option to import “unknown” files is checked. They are not indexed, but the Launch Path commend will open such a file under it’s parent application. You can add keyword or summary information in the Comment field of the database document. For something really, really, important for database use you can capture the information into the database using the save as PDF script from the file’s Print page under the parent application.