Any chance of DT playing nicely with Spotlight? I’d love it if the native search could see inside my DT repository. As it is now, I have to search twice to find things, which is kind of annoying.

It is planned for version 2, the completion of which is pending the release of the final version of Leopard.

It will definitely take longer, but, promised, you’ll soon know why :slight_smile:

I am quite attracted to DTP for the OCR and grouping/context/searching ability. However, I purchased EagleFiler for tags and the open/raw file format. From the post above, it sounds like DTP will also be open and searchable by Spotlight. Since Leopard’s spotlight is superfast compared to Tiger, perhaps DTP and EF are not necessary anymore.

Any idea when the new DTP will be released? When was the original released? Will the new version have tags, like EagleFiler?

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The new version will have metadata that will allow tags, but there is no schedule for its release yet that we could publish, I am afraid.