Squiggly hyperlink line in markdown

I have a problem with markdown display on my second extended monitor. Some hyperlink lines are shown squiggly and not straight. If I move the document to my macbook the line is straight. The same markdown file in other apps on the second monitor show correctly as straight

In the editor or in the rendering? A screenshot would be useful of course.

It is in the rendering - like this

Is one display a Retina screen and the other one isn’t?

macbook is retina - external is 27 Dell Utra sharp U2715H (probably not retina). However I only have this problem with devonthink. The markdown file looks the same on both screens with typora or obsidian for example

I don’t see any issue with Markdown link display on an external monitor vs my M2 Air’s screen.
You didn’t say what operating system you’re running.

monterey 12.6.8