ssl certificates

I have a provate ssl certificate that I use for a particular website. I would like to try and use DA as a default browser but DA does not like the certificate…it says “untrusted certificate” and refuses to load the page.

In Safari I have marked the certificate as trusted and Safari has no problem with it.

How can I get DA to accept the certificate?

Christian recently responded to a similar inquiry.

WEBKit doesn’t (at least yet) handle such certificates.

I get the same problem viewing this page (and others):
DA reports “bad server certificate”, while Safari reports it as self-signed.

Poking around on google, yes this is a WebKit issue (the issue being that WebKit by default denies untrusted certificates) – but Safari uses WebKit, and that means there’s a way to handle it.

This thread provides some hints: … 00048.html

Ignore the discussion of security implications; it’s mostly the people parroting what they read in Schneier without considering that half (if not most) of the utility of SSL is to prevent the transmission of plaintext data over the wire.

It looks like it is possible to intercept the BadCert error, prompt the user (or check cache, config, etc), call setAllowsAnyHTTPSCertificate(TRUE), retry the request, and call setAllowsAnyHTTPSCertificate(FALSE) to restore the original settings. Not beautiful, not necessarily safe, but if the user hits OK they they deserve what they get :wink:


EDIT: Just tried Shiira 1.2.2 and it handles self signed certificates. Since it is open source, the answer should lie in its code: