Standard Edition

Could a list of improvements and features of the future standard edition be posted so we know what to look forward to?

Is there a projected release date?

I understand that software development can be a tricky process but I would like to have some idea of what the future of DEVONthink looks like.

Features of the first release include…

  • Support of more file formats (especially AppleWorks/Word)
  • Ability to script the whole application
  • "Import URL" command to automatically import single web pages or whole websites
  • Unlimited number of images/PDF documents (PE: max. 5000)
  • Support of multiple databases
  • Categories/Keywords
  • Enhanced memory/database management (e.g. modifications are written immediately back to disk, no more autosave necessary)
  • Automatic grouping of contents

Planned features for the future:

  • Even more file formats (TeX, PS, mbox, Quicktime)
  • Metadata (EXIF/IPTC)
  • ImageCapture support
  • Labels (not sure about that)

And we hope the SE will be out next month (at least a beta).

> Features of the first relase include…

I’d love to have search constructs like ‘XXX and YYY must be in the same phrase, and it should contain ZZZ, but not AAA’. Please?

The search possibilities, especially the operators, will be enhanced in the future but this won’t be limited to the Standard Edition.

Just bought DT PE, but really wanted to get SE.

When will SE be availablbe, any ideas??

Can this limit be the reason why I cant import my folders?
It crashing resp. hang up importing. And the import works up to 10 hours or more…

Ahhh - to organise 5000 documents I dont need such a great database like DT :wink:)

Can I organse all that in different dBs and put them togehter later on in SE…?

Thanks for infos in advance…

Please activate the crash reporter (see preferences of Console application). Then you’ll find a log file in the folder ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter after the next crash containing useful information to fix this.

I do hope DEVONthink SE will be released soon. It is one of the few pieces of software (along with DEVONagent and the others, of course) that I’m still awaiting “with baited breath” (which is both a compliment, request, and reprimand!). :wink:

Sorry for the delay but we’ve been working on our kernel framework for the last few weeks trying to fix a severe, VERY rare and random bug. Without success so far although we’ve thrown hundreds of gigabytes into DEVONthink. As long as this bug is not fixed, everything else is currently halted. Hopefully v1.5.4 will be available sooner than later.

If you do that scripting support right (and it sounds like you’re working hard at it), you’ll get armies of AppleScripters. I’d be glad to lead the charge. If I had a database, email, text-formatting, and web/ftp tool that were all completely scriptable, I’d feel like I was the ruler of the world (of information). :slight_smile:

Seriously, right now it doesn’t feel like I have even one of those, although the command-line tool ‘curl’ does a lot of the web/ftp part, when combined with the ‘do shell script’ command. I develop in FileMaker, but their OSA scripting support is actually getting worse (i.e. commands that used to work, and are still listed is usable, often fail for no reason).

Are any of your developers on the applescript-users or MacScript mailing list? Lot’s of good info there, including gripes about how NOT to support scripting. :slight_smile:

Currently not. Maybe once the first public beta approaches…

Hmm. Have you read some good explanations of how-to versus how-not-to implement AppleEvent support and dictionaries? This seems like a silly question, but there has been some abominable scripting support built into many applications over the years. There are quite a few things to keep in mind.

Some great resources are mentioned at (bottom of article):

In general, it’s easy to get AppleScript into a Cocoa app, but not so easy to make it truly useful and easy to write scripts for.