"Standard" metadata for groups

I’m grouping e-mails with extracted attachments via groups. Groups obviously don’t standard metadata such as the “From” or “Recipients” metadata - although it does support custom metadata. It would be very helpful if groups could also support “standard” metadata (via AppleScript) such as kMDItemAuthorEmailAddresses (or any field). This way we could see the relevant data for a group in the list view. The threads view does this automatically: ‘filling’ the colums such as ‘To’ or ‘Recipients’ based on the sub-items (it can do it automatically as all sub-items are e-mails).

I understand this might be niche, but as custom metadata is already supported, support ‘standard’ metadata would also be very helpful!

meta data is a read-only property and the values are always retrieved from the document. Groups don’t have any contents.

This kind of extended attribute is defined only for objects residing in the file system like files and directories (folders). DT’s groups are neither of those, so no chance.

But if you import your e-mails into DT, you could probably set the metadata on those records with a suitable scripting language and perhaps use smart groups to organize them. Kind of the other way round.

I thought of that but it would be too much of a hassle - I like the automatic and quick way sorting by Threads works now - it’ll just have to do without this :slight_smile: