Standard PDF-Viewer

Hi all,
I´m quite new to DT (used PaperPort for years on a Windows machine) and have a simple question regarding PDF-viewing. Is is possible (and if so, how) to configure DT (Pro Office) in a way that Acrobat Pro is the standard viewer for PDF-files?
Background of this question is, that Acrobat can (e.g.) show the document structure and not only thumbnails - this is a major drawback, especially, when reading thte DT-manuals :wink:

Greetings from Germany


It’s a matter of setting the “Open With” property for a file, using Finder Info.

This thread might help you (the topic there is Excel, but the answer is the same).

One thing I did to make stuff easier was customize the toolbar and add “Open Externally” to the toolbar. If I double-click on a PDF in DTPO, it still opens with the DTPO viewer, but I can hit Open Externally and bring it up in the viewer that the Finder would normally use. In my case, that’s Preview, but you can use Acrobat, too.

@alanshutko’s suggestion is a good one. I keep the Open Externally and the Open icons side by side in the toolbar so I can chose to view the PDF in Acrobat (my default external viewer), or in its own window (by clicking the Open icon).

[size=85]Open Externally, on the left, and Open on the right[/size]

Thank you all, for the answers. I configured the toolbar with an additional “open with” icon. That´s it :smiley: