Standard preview view - tag one line then click on line below issue

When using the standard preview view:

  • click on a line, it’s preview displays correctly
  • Enter a tag value in the tag column on that line and press enter.
  • then click on another line to highlight it, the preview for the first line is still displayed, not the preview for the line just clicked.

I expected that the line that is highlighted would display its own preview.

DT3 beta 5
Mojave 10.14.6

You need to click on another line somewhere to get the preview to display correctly.

I have seen the same issue happen at times when annotating a PDF file rather than entering a tag value.

Your description is a more straightforward way to reproduce the problem. But I do think it is more generalizable re; when it happens.

How is the list sorted? By name?

In my case - by Date

sorted by Name for me.

Beta 6 will fix this.