Start/Stop webserver via applescript

Any plans to allow the web server to be started and stopped (possibly even configured) via applescript?

It occurred to me the other day to set up a system where i could ssh into my G5, start the DTO web server via osascript, do some browsing/downloads via lynx/wget, stop the web server via osascript, and scp back my downloads.

Hardly an urgent or vital feature, but one that would be fun to play with if it’s simple to implement.

Interesting ideas.

I’ve had visitors looking at material in one of my project databases while on a computer several rooms away from my serving computer. I’m often in the room with the visitor. Should we want to look at a different database, I’ve got to go back to the serving computer to make the change. Hmm.

Of course, I don’t want to make my financial database accessible to visitors. :slight_smile:

No such plans yet but this might change if more people are interested in such a possibility.