Start up

OK-- I am new with DTPro. I am in the process of reading the manual and going through tutorials etc. So perhaps this is premature. But I would like an answer to this.

At start up I have the program in the dock. clicking it begins the program. I selected to open the last windows open at start up. However, I still always need to select the database inorder to get anything.

Is there a way to start up into the same database every time automatically?

Am I missing something?

Cletus, with your database open select File > Database Properties. Near the top of the Database Properties is an option to make this your default database. Click it and you are off and running.

Note: You should always designate one database to be default, even if you have several databases. That will insure that, if DT Pro isn’t running and another application is trying to send information, DT Pro will open with a database to receive the information.

Thanks Bill… that was the ticket.