Starting fresh database on external drive

Hello, I am new user. I am starting fresh on my iMac with DT3. I want to setup my database on my directly attached Drobo.
The software creates a folder Database in user directory by default.
Are there any special steps or I just point to the volume during initial setup where it asked for location and just move along?
Any help appreciated

first bit of advise: keep the database on your Mac. Drobo not a good place due to performance. use for backups, but run from a local disk.

more advise in the Manual. that is second bit of advice. have a look and read the getting started stuff.

Thank you, I appreciate
Where can I see this Manual you referred to?

Help > DEVONthink 3 Help.

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and in addition to Help see for a pdf that you can put into your database

also see the “Take Control …” book there too.