Starting Fresh

I downloaded & installed DevonThinkProOffice2 and AGent…and set about working with them. I never did get the hang of it [watched tutorials & reviewed the guide] and hung it up and stopped using it entirely. I’ve now deleted it all and reinstalled fresh version and want to do it right. I probably didn’t do the right set up to begin with.

I don’t think I want to import things = my thought is to index things [space issue] - am I correct in thinking DVPO is sort of a ‘new’ finder = that it replaces reliance on the ‘old’ finder because everything is in the Database for DVPO and altho it’s findable via Spotlight, using DVPO is much easier…

what’s the best way of starting fresh??? My main drive is a 500G drive in a MacPro and 362 are used. Another reason not to do the import thing. I think.

I do like Spotlight [and also use Houdah Spot] to find things across the 4 drives I have in this machine, not sure that is true with DTPO

Anyway, any guidance starting out would be helpful.