Starting the Bonjour Sync - Some Questions

Do I…

  1. selection synchronisation - every minute or automatic?
  2. Select the checkbox on Quit or Deactivation?
  3. Select Duplicate Documents in the event of a conflict?

These are all questions YOU must answer. There isn’t a mandated behavior or we wouldn’t have presented the various options. :slight_smile:

Silly question, will the sync be faster if I connected the ipad to the Mac?

Do you mean a hardwired connection of the iPad to the Mac via Lightning cable?

Yes. Or USB C cable for the iPad Pro. Just wondering.

If you disabled WiFi and only synced via the cable, I can’t say it would necessarily be faster but it would be a more stable connection. However, in normal use this phenomenon would likely only be useful in the initial upload or download of a database. Subsequent smaller syncs would probably not make much difference unless you’re adding large files.

Dear Jim. - Is this normal behaviour?

You shouldn’t have Bonjour enabled in the mobile device is you have it enabled for the Mac.

And you should also check DEVONthink’s Window > Log for warnings.

Okay, will do. Thank you for the feedback. Can i ask shld i turn on the iCloud - either options while on Bonjour or should I just keep 1 only.

DEVONthink supports having a Bonjour sync and a remote sync option running. However…

  1. Do you really need a remote sync option?
  2. iCloud has not been very reliable for many people - including those not running DEVONthink. I’d read my previous comment again and carefully consider your options.

Thank you for your guidance in this. I will take it. By the way, can i ask, can I use Bonjour to sync on my iPhone the way I synced with my iPad ?