Status of DTTG on iOS 14?

Considering joining the iOS 14 Beta for the features within other tools I use (Calendar, Reminders, etc.) however I wish to know pre-emptively know whether DDTG is regarding the software update.

Does DTTG work in the iOS 14 Beta (barring bugs that may arise) or is DTTG completely off-line as-of-time-of-writhing within iOS 14?

You should not run beta software, especially not a beta operating system on a device you need functioning properly. It’s a beta test, not an early access program, intended for testing and reporting problems to stabilize and polish the public release.


Jim is correct in his precautions about the beta, but to that I can add that I am running the iPadOS 14 beta on an older iPad Pro and I haven’t seen any problems. Overall, I would say that the 14 betas have been the most stable releases I have ever tested. Even more stable than most of the iOS 13 non-beta releases!

We haven’t made any adjustments related to iOS 14 but will begin to make them as time moves forward toward its public release.

Even more stable than most of the iOS 13 non-beta releases!

I can believe that and hope it’s a sign of Apple returning to better QA and a less aggressive release cycle. :crossed_fingers:


You can’t help but wonder what iOS 19, 27 or 34 will look like. But by then, they might have changed the naming scheme to something like lions and tigers again.

Who knows!

I’m looking forward to macOS 21 Thoracic Vertebrae :stuck_out_tongue:


One ‘gotcha’ if you use Shortcuts automation… The x-callback return from Shortcuts is never getting back to the shortcut. Shortcuts eventually sends a ‘timeout’ notification. This is happening in Dev Beta 3.

By then we will be using Apple Glasses and Augmented Reality will become the norm, superseding the need to carry a device with a screen!

Say, please elaborate on the shortcuts you’ve found to complement DTTG! I haven’t used any, but I have used “Copy Item URL” and pasting inside other apps.

See page 45 of the DTTG manual

They’re called URL commands in the manual, online you’ll also find them referenced as URL-schemes.

As an example:

  • open the Shortcuts app
  • add new text action
  • paste the following:


  • add new variable called ‘URL’ flowing from text
  • add ‘URL’ action with the URL variable as content
  • add ‘open URL’ action

Save the Shortcut, press run and watch the magic :slight_smile:

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Nobody: Have you read The Bible?
Cambrian: Yes!

I love your references to the DT manuals - I keep learning new things by following your page references :+1: Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm, I see - thank you. Definitely the clipboard one seems to be of the easiest to implement. Will have to mosy down tinkering in the future and tweak the DTTG workflow. Gotta get that 100% productivity :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (Saved the manual into my DTTG space!)

If I counted correctly, the majority of DT staff thinks the manual on the website is easily found by most users, but I take the liberty to reference it whenever I think people didn’t.

Of course I could also have used any other important URL in this example, like the one I got from @BLUEFROG


That’s my favorite web page!!! :heart: :smiley:

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Shortcuts for DEVONthink To Go are scattered around the internet, see for some locations.

It works fine on iOS 14 and Big Sur.


Then I’m sure Apple will do their damndest to break something before they release the final version. PDFKit or something :see_no_evil: Or maybe we’re back to serious QA?

Thanks for your report :slight_smile:

Working fine for me on PB 14, including the share sheet and the file provider support.

Just to confirm what Greg said, I am also running the iOS 14 beta on an iPhone and an iPad with zero issues or problems with DTTG or any other app. For what it is worth the new features, particularly the App Library, has changed the way I use my iPhone for the better.

On the iPad even Scribble works well in DTTG