Step-by-step guide to creating custom templates

I’ve perused DEVONthink Pro’s help, this forum, and the web looking for information on how to get started creating templates for DEVONthink Pro.

I’ve learned that they are essentially RTF files, and of course I’ve been able to create and RTF and save as a template; however, I’d like to do more advanced things. At this instant, I’d like to use template tags, but the only information I’ve found so far is a description in the help of the tags, but not how to implement them. I know just pasting them in place and then saving the RTF as a DTP template doesn’t do it.

Can someone refer me to guides or tutorials on how to really take advantage of all of DTP’s features, from beginner to expert?

The ebook Take Control of Getting Started with Devonthink 2 contains close to 200 pages of guidance, tips and general know-how about the software. It doesn’t have a section that deals primarily with templates but it does contain a fair number of references to using templates to achieve various goals.