Steps prior to upgrading

Hello All,

Wanting to pull the trigger on the DTPO upgrade (currently have DTP) - mainly for the emailing archive functionality.

Quick question - what needs to happen to get everything to work seamlessly?

I have a DTP database (i.e. NOT indexed) - do I delete the DTP app, and then unzip and install the DTPO product - or do I simply do the latter, without deleting the former? Anything that needs to happen to the Database etc?

Any tips/thoughts/cautions/heads-up will be appreciated!

When I attempted to upgrade from a trial of DTPO to a licensed version, I attempted to do so without deleting the trial version. That was a mistake, as DTPO would not work properly for me until I deleted both versions and reinstalled. So I would recommend backing up your databases, and then fully deleting DTP before installing DTPO.

It’s also worth noting that the instructions in the manual for uninstalling Devonthink are not comprehensive. By all means follow the guidelines, but I would then recommend a spotlight search for “Devonthink”. You will find further files that also need deleting before installation of DTPO (and don’t forget widgets if you have the installed). At least that was the case a couple of years ago, the situation may have improved since then.

IIRC, Jim Neumann (BLUEFROG) a DEVONtech staffer posted instructions on uninstalling DEVONthink – if you do a forum search you’ll probably find it.

Thanks for the info and feedback…

I first removed DTP from my Applications folder - moved it off to an external. Unzipped DTPO - dragged it into Applications, was asked if I wanted to “replace” the already-existing DTP (which was weird?) - said yes - and all appears to be working as it should…

Came across the DTPO manual a bit after that - which pretty much suggested the same, so guess I was lucky.

Regardless - all working, no drama - which obviously has me relieved!