Steps to access someone else's data base

I have DT To Go. I would like to view a DB created by someone using DT Pro Office. Could some one point me to a tutorial or tell me the steps necessary to accomplish this goal? Thanks.

Where is this database?
Are they on the same network and running DEVONthink Pro Office?

Yes they are on the same network. I am running Devon Think To Go and they are running DevonThink Pro Office.

Ahh… you’re only running DEVONthink To Go?

  1. One possibility is the person could enable WebSharing in Preferences > Server and share a database via File > Database Properties. You could then access it in Safari on the iOS device. However, it would be better on an iPad as it’s not responsively designed.
  2. The other options, depending on the specific situation, you could sync their database to your mobile device. Again, not knowing the specifics, syncing is the generally advocated method.

Is it also possible with another user on another network (me @home with my dad @his home).

What are the steps necessary to sync their DB to my device?

Is it also possible with another user on another network (me @home with my dad @his home).

It’s unclear what you’re referring to here. Could you provide more details?

If this person enabled Bonjour, adding a mandatory password in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync > Bonjour Options, it should show up in the Settings > Sync: Edit Locations in DEVONthink To Go on your device. After you entered the password they specified, you’d be able to download the database to your device.

Bear in mind…

  1. This person should be aware you could import any of their databases, unless they had added a username / password to the databases in DEVONthink’s File > Database Properties.
  2. This will only work on a local network where Bonjour / non-standard port, and DEVONthink traffic is allowed.

Alternatively, you could set up a common Dropbox account, ie. using the same username and password, where the person could sync to it, and you’d import from it.

basically, can I share a database with someone else?

et al…
Except for Pro Office’s Web Sharing, you can’t share a database in the way you share data in a cloud service like Dropbox. You can sync a database, but it’s either going to be a Bonjour connection on the same network, a local sync store on a commonly-accessible volume (Mac-to-Mac only), or a common cloud account.

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thanks and sorry for the late reply.

No worries, and you’re welcome.