Stickies, concatenating/integrating files, & o

Although this could really make things convoluted, I’ve regretted that one could not attach stickies within the Finder.  Is it possible that one could attach stickies within documents (and then allow even substickies).  This would be great for adding hierarchical data to notes…On a related note, it would be nice to add hierarchical, collapsable items to (or over) documents which fit themselves into the structure of the document (i.e., they could not be pasted unevenly like stickies).

And as another item, what about the ability to have separate files in one’s browser concatenated (or conversely, integrated) so that one could preserve the separate files (or join them), but view the document as one whole (e.g., for joining together the chapters of a book or even websites)?

And lastly, although this would not reflect the Finder, could one be made able to subsume files under other files to reflect one’s intended hierarchy, but without having to create a new folder for them? (The above concatenate or integrate options could ideally be selectively enabled or disabled along with this feature.)


The possibility to attach is already on the to-do list but not targeted for a specific release at the moment. Editing of comments will be simplified first (in v1.9.x), stickies will come later.

Version 2.0 on the other hand will provide merge views and commands to concentenate multiple contents or to view multiple contents as one. But groups will be always groups and documents will be documents.

Not sure why I think this is related, but I’d like the capability to temporarily hide items so they’re invisible in views, searches, etc.  That would make it easier to focus on just what’s interesting.

Actually, another way of approaching that would be to allow creation of temporary groups from selected items (from searches).  Right now, when a new group is created with items selected from different groups the new group becomes a subgroup of the original item’s parent group and remaining items are moved into it.  What I’d like is a new view of those items rather than a new group.

And an old suggestion was being able to create a new group from selected search items, which would be useful when (re)organizing.


DT 2.0 will introduce smart groups but the possibility to hide items is currently quite unlikely (as this was the first time somebody requested this and there’s still lots on the to-do list :wink:)

The idea for invisible items was motivated by recently thinking how it would sometimes be useful to hide iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums to reduce screen clutter and minimize scrolling.  It’s an alternative to using hierarchical organization to achieve that effect since those apps lack hierarchies.

I wasn’t sure if the other stuff was something smart groups would handle, and I’ll try holding off other suggestions relating to that until 2.0 is more on the horizon.  One release at a time. :slight_smile:

What about option-double clicking (or pressing Cmd-Option-O) to open groups in separate browsers closing the current browser? That reduces the clutter too (and is more or less similar to "hoisting"). Another option will be the groups panel of v1.9 to open browsers listing only the contents of certain groups (and not the complete hierarchy).

The groups panel may do the trick…

Whoa, this is so cool…
if there was only a little search box on the top right hand side… :wink:

Actually it’s possible to add a search field to the toolbar (and this field is part of the default toolbar if the user didn’t change the settings on its own). But maybe you’re referring to something else?

Oops, had the window set too narrow. Sorry.