Sticky Brain Import

Please add support for import of Sticky Brain files. Also a contextual menu for grabbing text to entries would be sublime.

Agreed. Sticky Brain is still faster at saving text from websites than DT, even in 1.8. Plus it strips out graphics automatically, and it automatically saves the URL along with it: both features that would be nice to see in DT.

Meantime, however, I figured out a way to import large numbers of files from Sticky Brain, using QuicKeys. First, export from Sticky Brain – unfortunately, it only does so to a single file. Divisions between documents are marked by: ¶----------------------------------------

Open the export file in TextEdit. Do a search (CMD-F) for the ¶ symbol. Then run a QuicKeys macro with the following steps:

  1. Repeat x times (sets up a repeat loop; set x to the number of documents in the file)
  2. Switch to TextEdit
  3. Type Keystroke "CMD-G"
  4. Type Keystroke "Down" (i.e. arrow)
  5. Type Keystroke "Shift-CMD-Up"
  6. Type Keystroke "CMD-X"
  7. Pause shortcut for 0.5 seconds
  8. Switch to DEVONThink
  9. Type Keystroke "CMD-N"
  10. Pause shortcut for 0.5 seconds
  11. End repeat

It’s clumsy but it works. I imported more than 1200 documents this way. Took about 20 minutes, while I made breakfast.

My file is so big (120M) it crashes TextEdit but it works in BBEdit. Unfortunately I get a lot of Garbage Characters. How do you deal with pictures?

The next upcoming file format will be WordPerfect but StickyBrain is VERY unlikely - we’re only going to add standardized or common file formats (otherwise this would become an endless task as most users request different file formats). WordPerfect support might be part of v1.8.1 but I can’t promise this (needs still some fixes and more testing)