Still can't launch DTP on Mac OS X Server

I reported this issue a while ago, and again during the beta process, but it still seems to be present in the release version of DTP. Basically, if you launch DTP on Mac OS X Server (10.6.2 here) the application launches, but you can’t access any menu items (all are grayed out), nor can you open a database or use the app.

I’ve tried deleting all of the DTP support files and preferences and reinstalling from scratch but the issue remains. I took a sample of DTP just after launching, and it’s available here:

Happy to provide more troubleshooting information as needed.


According to the sample nothing’s going on. Has been anything logged to the system console? Maybe the application is unregistered and no more trial time left? That would explain the disabled menu items, in that case just request a trial extension.

That was it - the trial was out. Could I suggest you add some UI for this? It’s not evident at all that the trial is over.