Still confused with clipping from Browser

I’m still running into many issues with clipping from Safari into DevonThink.

Web archives are somewhat useless, they presume internet connection all the time and so go fetch images again, including changing or dynamic content.

Sometimes I can clip to a PDF and it will work although not always.

I’ve never managed to get any shortcut to work to clip a portion of a web page including the images as a rich text note. I need them rich text to save the images I only want a portion of the web page saved so I can avoid all the junk surrounding the info I really want.

So far my only option is to select a portion of the page. command C to copy start DT, create a rich text note and then paste.

I’ve searched and see references to the Services and Bill’s comments about using command ) but there is nothing in services related to DT at all and command ) doesn’t work.

Why can’t DT get a nice clean simple easy to understand clipping service working like Evernote has?

To get a portion of a web page with images, make the selection and then use the shortcut Command-) to take a Rich Note. No need for the Clipper as this shortcut works across all apps. You may need to go into the System Preferences to enable the Take Rich Note service, but it will work.

I don’t understand this comment… I use webarchives all the time and can view them in their entirety (including any ads that might have been on the original page) when offline. It’s true, though, that if there are links on the archived page, they won’t function when offline. I wonder if you’re confusing a webarchive with an html page.

The bar across that runs across the top of the topmost pane in, say, Three Pane View, can list documents’ name, date added, date modified, size, kind, and more depending what you’ve checked off in the contextual menu. Make sure “Kind” is selected and if doesn’t say “Web Archive” in that column, then you haven’t saved the page as a web archive.

You may already know all of this and I’m sorry to repeat something you might know, but the comment about web archives needing internet access to function suggested to me you might have saved a web page as an html page, which would need online access to be function.

OK Where in System Preferences? Under keyboard services there is nothing related to DEVONThink there to either enable or not. I’ve already got the text stuff to take rich note enabled but it doesn’t work to take a note to DEVONThink.

These are the DEVONthink text services that you will want to enable in System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts>Services.

Once they are enabled.

Yes, I have those services enabled as shown in system preferences.

I never see the clipping options for DT when I select services as you show in your second picture.

If the DEVONthink Services are enabled in Preferences and you are not seeing them in Safari, then I would explore the possibility that this is a problem with something other than DEVONthink. Do the DEVONthink Services appear when some text is selected in any app?

No All the DT services do not show up at all but other services show up as expected in all sorts of other apps. That lead me to believe it’s something wrong with DT. I did just do the upgrade to 2.1

It wouldn’t hurt to download the DEVONthink disk image, make sure that Sorter is not running, re-install the app, and restart your Mac. Then ensure that the Services are enabled and see what happens.