Still having the same old problem with scrolling

I’ve been using DevonThink for nearly 20 years. Used it on different computers, with different OS’s. One constant throughout that time: the app will randomly refuse to scroll when viewing a web page. It’s nothing to do with which web page: the same one will either scroll or not, depending on the app’s mood. Can this ever be fixed?

Also, I’m finding DT really buggy these days. Seizes up about once a day, usually — again — when viewing a web page.

We’d love to but we could never reproduce this. In the end it’s completely controlled by the WebKit framework and the web page. A future release might use a different rendering engine but that would be part of a major upgrade and not happen anytime soon.

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I should report that this has not happened for some time now. Maybe one of the most recent updates fixed it?

Actually DEVONthink never handled this on its own and therefore didn’t fix this. Did you update macOS recently?

I must have! Anyway, it is no longer an issue.