Still no clip to PDF in DTTG3?

Looks like DTTG3 has the same clipping options, ie no clip to PDF. There’s also no convert to PDF available in the app.

Since WebArchive is a deprecated format, what are the future plans for web clipping in DTTG?


Not yet but planned. But you can, of course, use the Share menu in Safari → Print → pinch → Clip to DEVONthink.


The Print-Pinch-Version’s disadvantage is, that Weblinks in the article are not included.
My workaround is to save a Webpage as Webarchive (or what ever) on my iPad, than it syncs to the database on my MacMini, there a smart rule converts it to pdf, deletes the webarchive after conversion and with the next sync I have the page as pdf in DTTG.


Yes, all of the native PDF export options (including the print-pinch method) completely mess up any links in the document in all of the recent iOS versions. I’ve tried every way I can think of to get valid PDFs, with no luck.

DId you try the suggestion by @darwin above?

It’s what I do and have done for years. Far as I can tell, all PDF’s are “valid” and links are not “messed up”.

Your mileage may vary.

I’m in a completely mobile workflow at the moment, so having to sync and have the desktop do some of the work isn’t viable in my case.

Well, that’s a shame. New information. So I looked around for you on my iPhone. In my Safari on iPhone, there is a share function “Make PDF” which is a short cut. I do that, then when the file opens, I use the the share function to save to DEVONthink inbox. I probably didn’t figure that one out myself as I don’t do much Short-cutting, but perhaps you can search around and see if you can find ways to do it, or maybe it’s simple in ShortCuts. Links are preserved.

The “Make PDF” shortcut and all other built-in iOS methods have the same link problem. The links appear in the PDF, but clicking them has no action. The clickable area does appear, but elsewhere on the page. It’s inconsistent in the placement, and occasionally it works properly but it’s not reliable.

Just a side note in case anyone wonders…
This URL offers the Capture PDF option since it is serving the PDF.

This does depend on how the PDF is being delivered at the URL, so be mindful of that.


Confirming, works for me here.

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I think @trevormeier (OP) wants to create PDF’s (with guaranteed working links). My two ways of doing it (the Make PDF short cut and saving as web archive and then let desktop version convert by a rule) seem to work. Neither apparently works for @trevormeier. Doing an internet search I notice a few other ideas, and at this point can only point @trevormeier there.

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webarchive is depcrecated? what is even an alternative to that?

Yes, according to Apple

That probably depends on your needs. I’d go with PDF if I’d want to capture the state of a web page at a certain point in time. Or Markdown for something editable. But the latter does of course not “include” the images etc. but just their URLs

For the issue of this thread my web archive files created on IOS devices only until converted to PDF and resynced. Seconds or minutes usually.

I chose years ago, before Apple announced their intention to move away from the format, to archive everything in PDF which I expect to outlive me. As described here this is a method that I and others use to capture stuff on IOS device into DEVONthink as a PDF.

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fair enough but PDF is a very, very different format. i would wager it is useless on my iphone.

while a webarchive could in theory reflow for my iphone, reading a PDF on my iphone (or even my ipad mini) means i need to constantly zoom and drag…

SingleFile and SingleFileZ are interesting open source alternatives to web archive that work across browsers. Both capture the page as-is, optionally stripping out unneeded remote scripts. One encodes images & assets as base64 and embeds them in the .HTML file, the other zips everything up together. Both work fairly well across all browsers.


Yes, if a file is already a PDF capture works as intended. It’s capturing web pages with links intact that I’m interested in.

There are a few page-toPDF converters out there. I haven’t found any that offer an API so it’s quite a bit of work to get a page into DTTG3 with metadata like page title & source URL intact.

Speak with Apple about changing their decision, is all I can say.

thanks, i will get right on that :wink: