Still possible to clip in the background?

For years I’ve been clipping selected text to Devonthink Pro Office without issue. Now when I clip it insists on expanding the dock or menu and have me accept/approve every clip. That’s just not my workflow. Anyway to enable the old ask-no-questions behavior? If it’s a preference I’ve forgotten where, and can’t find it.



No, there currently is no option to disable this behavior.

How do you exactly clip the selected text? Via services? Or a browser extension?

Copy selection HotKey

Is mentioning it here sufficient, or should I make a formal feature request?

This is sufficient.

Thanks; let me add then a little detail:

Option to capture in background is vastly preferred, but having to navigate to choose the button is the major ergonomic disruption. This is compounded by the fact that the animation is slow.

If the “add” button was set to trigger on “return” that would help a great deal as a short-term fix.

My hands ALWAYS appreciate every opportunity to not mouse or use the keypad.

Thanks again for such a wonderful update!

Cmd-S can be used to add the content.

THanks, that’s helpful.

Ergonomically speaking, the other issue here with not having this be a background process is that when you’re done the Safari window I was just in is no longer forward-most. So, another key combo or click is required to get back to where you were.

Do you have DEVONthink only showing in one Desktop?

A better possibility might be to use Safari > Services > DEVONthink 3: Take Plain/Rich Note and their shortcuts. The optional group selector (see Preferences > Import > Destination) can be used to file the notes immediately and Safari remains the active application.

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Honestly, I don’t know what you mean. I vaguely recall some OS options (were they called spaces?) where you might have more than one Desktop. Is that what you mean? If so, no, not to my knowledge.

This can be set in the Options when control-clicking DEVONthink’s dock icon…

Nope, none of that in use here.

This is why I like DevonThink so much. There is almost always a better way to do something, and you guys have usually thought of it already. Thank you!

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This is the way I generally do it also. Select what I am after then use the shortcuts ⇧⌘( for plain note or ⇧⌘) for rich text.
The capture web archive is also useful for snippets but you may have to change the shortcut to something that doesn’t clash with the screen grab app.

Useful to be reminded of the Services options.

But it seems the Take Rich Note service only works with Safari, not Chrome or Firefox – I only get the Take Plain Note option with these two. Or is this just my machine?

Unfortunately not, these browsers don’t support rich text.