Stop auto-loading of Firefox on start-up

I would like to use DA as my main browser, and have it set as my default browser using XMenu, and to open on start-up. Previously Firefox was set as default and to auto-start.

Firefox is not in OS start up item folder, and is not set in Mac OS user login items. Neither is it selected as default browser. However, it still opens up on start up.

Does DA start Firefox ( because it is set to use FF bookmarks) and does anyone know a work-around please?

Also, is there any way to set a home page so that DA opens to a selected site rather than a blank browser window?

David, the default browser is set from Safari Preferences, under the General tab. I used that to set DEVONagent as my default browser.

Click and hold on the Firefox option in the Dock. If the option “Open at Login” is checked, click again to uncheck it.

Yes, you can set DA to remember the state of the browser window before Quit. I’ve got a “standard” page that always reopens and has several tabs set for commonly used sites, such as DEVONtechnologies, the DEVONtech forum, Apple Support pages and any other I need for a while. Each time DA launches that browser is displayed and the tabbed Web pages are immediately available.

How to: In DA Preferences set [1] General - Startup: click option to open browsers that were open before quit; [2] Tabs - Check Enable tabbed browsing and both options below that option.

Thank you Bill.
I have started using DA& DT Pro this weekend, and have to say I am very impressed by the programmes. I previously used Tinderbox for organisation, and this beats it well into second place.

PS on Edit.

I have checked and DA is selected as default browser and it loads as such. Also, Firefox does not have a tick when it’s icon is held down in dock. Yet Firefox still loads itself and opens when I log or switch on.

Hi, David: If you can’t figure out a way to keep Firefox from opening at startup there’s always one remedy, which is to uninstall it. :slight_smile:

Although Firefox has many good points and the potential of some of the extensions is good, I don’t use it. It’s weak both in compatibility with OS X Services and in scripting capabilities. The ergonomics of capturing information from the Web is much better in DEVONagent or in the DT Pro browser.

Hello again Bill. yes I was coming to that conclusion. However, If I delete FF and DA is using firefox bookmarks will I lose them, or will DA keep them so they are available or will I need to import somehow. What I mean is, are they already imported into DA when selected or is it only a link.

thanks once more.

The bookmarks were actually imported.

If you wish to be doubly certain, import your Firefox bookmarks into DT Pro as bookmarks.

Thank you Bill. I did back up bookmarks — lucky you told me —and then un-installed Firefox.

When I restarted DA it had lost both the bookmarks and my set browser window and tabs which were set to bookmarked sites. I will re-import bookmarks I need from the DT Pro back-up.

My bad - I didn’t have any way to check, but assumed the Firefox bookmarks were actually imported to DA.

When you click on one of those bookmark documents in DT Pro, the page will open.

For the moment, go to Safari and make Safari your default browser. Then click in the URL field and the same page will open up in Safari (which is your default browser). Then capture that URL as a bookmark. And so on.

When you’ve got all your pages set in Safari bookmarks, you can go to Preferences and reset DEVONagent as the default. Then go to DEVONagent and import the Safari bookmarks.

Thank you Bill, did as you asked. All now working well. many thanks.