Stop predictive tags - DT3 pro

I have a tag ChD. Whenever I start to add the tag to an item, I am ‘offered’ Chd even though the latter is not on the list of tags for the database. Is there a way to prevent DT3 from trying to guess and getting it wrong?

The list of proposals should actually be only based on the existing tags (and optionally groups). Which version of macOS do you use and where exactly did you enter the tag?

I enter the tag in the bar at the foot of the view (View>ShowTags)

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 12.53.11|690x40

MacOS 10.14.6

The op was submitted via an iPad. On my iMac later this morning, Chd isn’t offered which suggests perhaps that after quitting DT3 yesterday and opening this morning (presumably quitting then re-opening any time) the suggestion has righted itself, However, I am now being offered Ch as well as as ChD, even though Ch is not on the list of tags for the database.

Did you enter “Ch”? Or “ChD”?

  • Does the ChD tag exist in an open database?
    • If so, are you tagging in the Global Inbox?

Help > Documentation > Getting Started > Tagging > Autcompletion