Stop Sync of a Database?

So I created some test databases in my mac DTPO system and set them to sync to my iPod touch.

Now I don’t need them anymore. So I closed them down in DT. Quit DT and then deleted the no longer needed database files in finder.

But they still show up on my iPod.

How do I delete them from the device too?

Go into the DEVONthink preferences in the Settings app and select Reset at Start-Up. All of your databases will be deleted from DEVONthink To Go and you’ll need to re-sync to get the others back on your iPad.

No way to just delete the unwanted databases off the iPod w/o having to completely download the one I do want to keep?

You’re kidding right?

We use the standard ‘delete’ gesture: just swipe your finger across the database you wish to delete and the ‘delete’ button will appear.

I tried that and it didn’t work. So I completely shut down DTTG on the iPod and on my Mac. re started it on both machines, did a sync again and then tried it and it worked. I was able to get a delete button and the database got deleted from my iPod.

Not sure why I couldn’t get the delete initially as that was what I was expecting to happen.

Well, it worked for me! :slight_smile: