Stop “verification”

My mobile hard disk is broken, but I still have the database of devonthink3, I can see the file directory in the database, but the files are lost.
Every time I start the database, the verification runs automatically, and then the software becomes overloaded, how can I start the database without running the verification, so I can view the file directory.

There is no option to bypass this important safety check. How would stopping this process be helpful?
Also, what do you mean by the software becomes overloaded?

It means that the mouse is always in a circle, and the software does not move.

How long did you wait before killing the app? In case of a broken disk it might be impossible to successfully load the database though.

Wait up to six hours. . .
If I don’t connect the mobile hard disk and just start the database, this has been successful before, but now it doesn’t work, what should I do?

Restore the database from your backup, perhaps.

Restore the database from your backup. . . how does this work

Depends on what backup method you use. I use Apple’s Time Machine. Hopefully you do too?

See Apple’s Instructions at Restore items backed up with Time Machine on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Or check the instructions on whatever backup software you use.

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