Stopping DT automatically opening when click on RSS feeds

Much as I love DT, I don’t use it for RSS. Yet whenever I click an RSS feed in Safari (usually to copy it into the feed fro my RSS reader) it automatically opens DT.

I can’t see any way of switching this off in Safari but I’m sure there must be. Anyone have any suggestions please?


What OS are you running?

You may want to check out Default Apps.

It says it was meant to support MacOS up to 10.2 or 10.3, but for the small stuff like choosing between RSS clients or the like it still works and I’m using MacOS 10.8.5.

Should have said. Running 10.8.5. Is that Mountain Lion? Wish they’d put both ways of referring to it together. For those of us who have been with Macs 25 years, the bally system names become way to much to retain.

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