Stopping Email Importing

I have not done much with importing or archiving emails into DEVONthink. As it’s the new year I started messing with it. I’ve ended up with my Apple Mail shown on the Import Sidebar and emails are going into a subfolder under the Global Inbox.

I want to stop it (and start again). How do I stop (or otherwise empty) this connection with Apple Mail, move to trash any emails already there?

Looked in Manual, searched here … not spotting what I’m looking for.

Hope this clear.

  • Are you wanting to stop an import that’s currently in progress?
  • Is it importing to an Emails group in the database?

I have a database in Desktop (for experimenting) called “Untitled”. I have an “Email” group inside that database (only one). The mailbox is set to “archive” into that. Emails go there as expected.

Now I want to undo it all. I delete the group “Email” in the “Untitled” database, then empty trash. In the “Inbox” Sidebar, the Mailboxes still there, along with the emails. The Destination is the delete Group. I expected the Sidebar Inbox to be empty, or if not empty, some way to remove all that stuff.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.