Stored searches


It would be great if you could either add a “stored search” feature or
the “intelligent group” function would be enhanced with these two features:

  1. command-clicking (or some other combination) brings up the edit dialogue
  2. search hits are highlighted like in a regular search.


You can store searches via the + button in the Search window. To edit them (or other smart groups) afterwards, just use the contextual or action menu.

I quite frequently want to perform a search within a specified group, but each time the search term will be a different one. I would like to optimize frequent actions so that they will take fewer clicks / less time to perform. Therefore it would be great to have a hotkey-click (eg cmd-rightclick) to bring up the smart group edit window with the search term marked.
It would be three user actions versus one:

  1. control-click on the smart group to bring up the contextual menu,
  2. moving down to “edit”,
  3. double-click on the search term in order to edit it
  4. cmd-click on smart group

But more important than that is that the search hits are not highlighted in smart groups.
Therefore my request to add these two features to smart groups.