Storing Database on a remote server

I store my database file on a remote disk which I can access from work and from home. I have been using it on both lately, but I keep getting error messages that the database is already open. But I know for sure it is closed.

Today I came in and everything was a mess with missing files and some lost data.

Is it not possible to do this? Can I only work with the database on one computer?

Thanks to your question I was finally able to figure out my own workflow issues.

When I first read your question I thought I had an easy answer. I started playing around with my database and had numerous errors and had a really hard time getting Dropbox to sync.

It’s a really long thread linked below, but you may find it useful. The concepts are basically the same and applicable to your needs. DEVONthink Version 2 is a bit different than version 1. It just requires a bit of adjustment and reframing in our thought process and approach to the workflow. Good luck and don’t forget to backup and verify/optimize constantly.