Storing Devonthink db on a cloud backup


I’m using an online backup service to backup my computer (Backblaze). Should I be concerned about my DTPO database being backed up there? I know it’s not great to use dropbox because the db can be corrupted right?

Another question: Is it okay to store files that are essentially databases in themselves inside Devonthink? For example, Scrivener projects? Or OmniOutliner projects?


I use DTPO all the time, but I feel a bit nervous about the database getting corrupted or my files getting corrupted. I had an issue storing .docx files in DTPO that had audio recordings in them. I’m not sure what happened, other than the .docx file wouldn’t open properly and I lost it.

I make archives periodically and store them in Dropbox. It’s not a perfect solution, but you have recent backups and avoid the chance of corruption.