Storing DT on MacBook vs Mac?

Hi all! I originally set up the DT DB on my MacBook, but later realized my Mac has more storage and is more powerful. I use my MacBook more often, which is why I think I originally put them on there. Would it be better to recreate the DB’s on my Mac and if so, what would be the smoothest way to move them?

You could of course use DEVONthink on both computers and synchronize the databases (see Preferences > Sync). The easiest and fastest possibility would be to use a Bonjour connection.

In Preferences > Sync > Bonjour Options… define a password and enable incoming connections. On the second Mac you should now see the first Mac in the list of sync locations in Preferences > Sync. Click on the checkbox of this sync location, enter the password and finally import the databases (see “Remote” section in list of databases).

I may be showing my lack of technological knowledge here, but doesn’t it take up the disc space on one machine?

It takes up disk space on both machines. All devices have a local copy of the database, but can sync to a commonly accessible location.

With Macs, it’s possible to locate the database on a connected external drive but you obviously need to carry the drive with you if you’re using a laptop on the go. However, external drives are inexpensive as small nowadays.