Storing images with text notes in the database?

Just discovered this program and think its great, I’ve been looking for a knowledge management type system for quite a while without luck, but I’m still determining whether DEVONTHink can meet my needs.

Anyway, I’m still trying to determine how best to use DEVONThink to organise all my texts&images. So my question is, how can I easily attach a note (that is searchable) to an image that I have imported into the database? Eg If I have created a group of specific car images and want to add a text note to each image so that I may search it at a later date.

At the moment you can achieve this with the system only by creating a new group for each image and text note. The only problem I have, is that the number of groups in the system becomes huge as each image requires its own group.

The other reason I require this functionaliy is to store the text of articles I have scanned and used OCR software to convert to text so that I may search and find something I am looking for. Eg I have scanned many news articles that I want to keep in my system and stored them as images, I have also used OCR software to store the text of these articles. I would like to store these two files together in the DEVONThink database so that I can search the text and find the original image if needed.

Do you have any suggestions?

Up to now, you can only enter a comment into the Inpector palette. Another way would be to create a rich text content, drag or paste the image into it like you would do when placing an image into a Word or Xpress document, and then add the text. DEVONthink is capable of storing both, simple RTF and RTFD (RTF text with attached files such as images).

Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

I’ve decided to use another similiar method. I’m going to create a PDF that contains an image and some text. The image can be the original scanned article with the text being the OCR conversion. This way I have a seperate document of my article and something that can be imported into the DT system.

I’ve also heard Omnipage Pro X is very good for creating these types of documents as it natively supports PDF creation.

Also, I’ve decided to buy DT as it meets my needs. Thanks