Storing scientific arricle metadata in DT for reports


I would like a workflow free from Mandeley, or Papers3, and acheive the goal of generating a references list from a list of arricles I deem relevant via tagging. I do not know how to pull authors, titles, publication in order to create a references list I can pull into MS Word.

Is DT capable of storing this kind of data ? Maybe a txt file with these fields side by side a PDF file in the same directory (à la .nfo), but fake it as is if its data inside the PDF ???


Yes, making an “annotation” file that’s linked to the PDF is a very common practice for readers in a similar situation as yours. You can be as freeform or structured as you want ot be with the annotation files – including adding tables of “fields”.

Generally, you select a PDF, open Data > New from Template and choose one of the annotation templates. There are a large number of custom annotation templates to be found in this forum – and dozens (hundreds?) of threads of this topic. Look for tips from Bill_DeVille in the forum.