Strange alias phenomenon

When I dragged a folder to rich text note I was asked if I wanted to import the entire folder or create an alias to it. I chose to create an alias. However, when I click the alias link in the note to open the folder it opens what appears to be a copy of the folder that is located in private/tmp/DEVONthink/username/. The problem is that if I make changes to a document in this folder the original document in the original folder is not updated.

I find this counter-intuitive. In typical Mac usage an alias points to the original; not a copy. Also, why ask if I want to copy the folder or make an alias when making an alias actually makes a copy? :confused:

I agree; it surprised me, too. :slight_smile:

Command-Option-Drag & drop of a Finder file into a rich text document works properly.

And Command-Option-Drag & drop of a group or document into a rich text document works properly.

But Command-Option-Drag & drop of a Finder folder produces an icon link regardless of the option chosen, and seems to link to a temporary copy of the folder.

I sent a note to Christian. Don’t know if it’s a bug, an OS limitation or whatever.

In the meantime, I would recommend indexing or importing the folder into the database and then creating a link to it from its group representation in the database.

If you continue to use the folder icon link in an existing rich text document and wish to edit a file contained in the folder from the link, be sure to use Save As and navigate to the actual folder in the Finder before saving. I’m not too confident that the link to that temporary folder will continue to work after a DT Pro quit or a reboot.

Thanks! I think the indexing option will work for most of my situations.