Strange behavior of rtf files moving from finder to DTPO_2

DTPO_2 and MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.7

I have a rtf file in finder.
The file is protected (shown in info)
I move it in DTPO_2 via sorter in two boxes.

The sorter has 2 boxes.

First entrance box the global entrance box.
Moving in this box and the file is direct in DTPO_2, clear !!

Second box the entance box of a not open database.
Moving in this box show red indicator that file is protected, but file is in box, also clear.

I switch to DTPO_2 and see.
One file is in global entrance box, but rtf is now NOT protected ?

I open then closed database and file switch to entrance box of database with sound, fine :wink:

But this file also not protected ?

And additional info.

The file in global box of DTPO_2 show not the normal icon, only a blue ball.
The file in box of open database show the icon of preview.

Can some reproduce this behavior ?


The red badge indicates a new entry in that box with a number indicating the amount of new entries like in Mail, not that it is protected.

Curious. As a rule, I don’t use Sorter at all. But, I played with this in PB7 on 10.6.2.

The blue ball just means the file is unread. Click/read the document and the normal thumbnail/icon appears. Nothing unusual here.

Files locked via Finder then added to DT via Sorter are not locked. It’s a copy; perhaps one would expect it not to be locked.

Files dragged into a database (not via Sorter) are locked.

CMD-OPT-drag into Sorter is supposed to make an indexed file (per manual) but moves it. (I think this is an earlier reported issue.)

For all my tests, I used the same sample RTF file. After playing for a while, and deleting/emptying the trash between each experiment, DT started making a duplicate of my sample file. Actually, two duplicates. One had the same file name, the other had the file name with a suffix: “09-53-33-273”. I have no idea what those numbers represent (not the time and/or date). I’m guessing this has something to do with the deleted files being in the OS X trash; the trash process might be assigning those odd suffixes.

My mistake.
Why a mistake ?

After move the rtf in sorter a info come that this file is protected.


Yes, I saw that’s copies, because:
After move the rtf in sorter a info come that this file is protected.


And the default operation is to copy the dropped file, this can be changed by using key modifiers just like in the Finder. For any and all files that are dropped into the Sorter, we explicitly try to unlock and make them writable. If this fails, you’ll see a warning message.

Hmmm ???

In German we say:

“Viele Wege führen nach Rom”
“All roads lead to Rome”

Hope translation is correct :wink: