Strange behaviour of DA - unexpected launch

I am a new user of DT Pro, but I have owned DA for 18 months, although I must confess that I use it rarely (to be honest, I still regret not to have Copernic for Mac).

DA did never show any strange behaviour. However, in recent weeks, I have had a number of cases (maybe about twice a week) of DA launching on its own, although the app was not open and I did not request it to open. Interestingly, this happens only since I have installed DT Pro - BUT not necessarily when DT Pro is open.

I first thought that this strange behaviour was caused by some action of my own (e.g. typing a hotkey without being aware of it). But it is not the case: I use Personal Backup (Intego) for cloning my iMac G4 on an external disk two or three times a month; while the cloning is in progress, I do not use my Mac and all apps are closed, except for Personal Backup; however, during the cloning, DA happens to launch, it has just happened again today.

This is not a real problem, but it goes beyond my understanding: how can it be that DA opens while the content of my iMac is cloned and nothing other happens, as well as in other circumstances? And how can it be that it is the ONLY app doing something that strange (I have dozens of applications on my iMac)? and why only since I installed DT Pro?

Of course, my iMac is up to date (last version of Tiger), DA is up to date, authorizations are repaired at least once a week, I do also use Onyx once a week - so it seems the problem must be on DA’s side.

Already heard any similar report? Any explanation (and any possible way to prevent that problem, although it does not seem to create much trouble) would be appreciated! Thank you.

There is indeed a very simple explanation.

What you are seeing is a scheduled search. One or more of your search sets has a Schedule set to repeat a search at specified times.

Make a note of the name of the search set that unexpectedly pops up. Now go to Tools > Edit search sets. Click on the Schedule tab and turn off the schedule (unless you do want to repeat the search automatically).

You are 100% right: I have checked according to your instructions, and there was a scheduled search indeed!

Thank you for your prompt reply!