Strange behaviour when launching 1.9.1

I just downloaded DT version 1.9.1, and it behaves very strangely at launch. It takes a very long time, and the spinning ball is blinking. Also, I have tried to register my copy, but for some reason that doesn’t work.

Best regards,
Thomas Andersson

This was probably only the startup delay of the unregistered version if you’ve been using DT already for some time. To register the application, choose “Help > Enter License…” and just copy the registration information from the email exactly.

Christian Grunenberg: “To register the application, choose ’Help > Enter License’ and just copy the registration information from the email exactly.”

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to do, but the “register” box is gray.

Thomas Andersson

The “Register” button gets only enabled after entering the correct information (e.g. after copying the exact info from the registration email).

I am working on an old computer, since my regular machine is undergoing service, and all I have left is the serial number. Shouldn’t that be enough? If not, can you send me a new copy of the mail if I send you the number and my personal data?

I can assure you that I will only use DT on one machine.

Thomas Andersson

Just write an email to registrations -at- (but the license “allows you to non-simultaneously use the software on multiple computers by the same person”).

I am really sorry to have bothered you with this licence nonsense. I had simply forgotten to include one of the characters in the license number. Embarrassing!

But while I’m at it, I would like to say a few words about the “new” Mailsmith compatibility. Actually, you could drag and drop emails frpm MS in the earlier version also. This function might have improved in some way, I don’t know, but what I do know is that it still doesn’t work very well. DT can’t render Swedish diacritical signs like å, ä and ö properly (which means that it shouldn’t work with German either). Because of this I don’t store MS mails in DT, but I would sure like to! Any comments?

Thomas Andersson

The only difference in v1.9.1 is that DT tries to store the message’s sender in the URL field. However, as DT does support Unicode and just stores the data provided by the source application, wrong characters seems to be a Mailsmith issue.

I see. Interesting. I’ll send a mail to the Mailsmith-talk list and see what they say (I have probably missed something very simple, but …)

Thomas Andersson