Strange bug with extended char

I’m angry. I’m in the middle of a big project and now i found that my writings is corrupted by a stupid bug.

I’m running latest DTPO with leopard and the bug “eat” a char after every òàùèéì in the file every time i save and close the windows.


i write “è1234” in a file and save it.
I close editing windows and reopen it.
Voila, now i have “è234”.
If i save and reopen another time the 2 disappear and so on.

I’m very disturbed by this thing and now i have to re edit large portion of my research resuming old backups. In the meantime i have to use another software.

Christian has cautioned about editing problems using version 1.3.3 under Leopard.

So I would advise waiting for the 1.3.4 update before editing your rich text material. You will continue to have problems similar to those you have already encounters and will have reduced the future usefulness of those documents.

Christian has advised using plain text rather than rich text for note-taking in version 1.3.3.

Watch for a notification of a Leopard-compatible update on the forum. Expect it on or before next Thursday or Friday.

I’m not mad at YOU, i swear against the diabolical mechanic of this bug wich prevented me to recognize it until a lot later.


At least i have lot of backups.


I also find that in Leopard and DT Pro I am losing a character following acute accents an em dashes, both in typed text and in text copied from Safari via the Service or Script menus.

I’m not angry, but I think a warning e-mail from DT would have been welcome.

I’m also puzzled by the great slow-down in upgrades to DT Pro. It’s a great app, and I use it more that any other—absolutely indispensable! However, there is still a lot more work to do. We’re still waiting for the ability to keep multiple databases open. Similar commands on the Services and Script menus should be integrated, assigned keyboard shortcuts, and included in the Contextual Menu. Sheets and Records are unfinished.

And what happened to the beta updates?