Strange Delay in Viewing Rich Text Documents

I notice a strange delay in previewing and opening certain rich text documents, particularly .eml files.

There is no load on the CPU and memory usage is fine. The problem exists even after restarting DT and emptying the cache. I am on a new late 2013 rMBP with 16 GB ram and a SSD HD. The Database is large (approx 25 GB). The files are small, usually e-mails of a few KB in size.

Sometimes emails will pop right up in preview. Other times the same emails will give me a spinning wheel, for up to 15 seconds. If I click “Text Alternative” the message instantly appears without exception. Going back to “Best Alternative” by default on another email and again I get the long delay.

Again, the issue is sporadic so after a period of time previews will start appearing quickly then go back to being delayed, without restarting DT or taking any other action (that I’m aware of). My guess is the operation that chooses the “Best Alternative” is getting blocked by some process.

Is there a way to enable “Text Alternative” as the default view as a work-around?

See Preferences > Email > Messages–Use alternative view.

With that option enabled, I sometimes see slowdowns. The default view uses Apple’s Quick Look to display emails. I suppose the translation to rich text can result in slowdown.

Excellent, thank you! :smiley: