Strange DEVONthink Sorter behavior

System: Pro Office and Mac OS 10.7.2 on MacBook Pro.

The original problem was that I could not get Sorter to not launch on boot. The preference check box says enabled and refuses to stay disabled: When I disable it, switch to another preference and come back, it’s enabled again. I did the things I saw in these forums about removing the Application Support folders and it worked, insofar as the Sorter is not loading.

But now the preference check box behaves the same, and even if I wanted to load Sorter on boot, it won’t. The Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter folder is back, but empty. The Install Add-Ons list shows the Sorter Helper disabled. I could enable it, but then I will probably be right back where I was.

I would think the thing to focus on would be to find out why the Sorter preference check box keeps reenabling itself.