Strange Error, scanning to Inbox

I have my multifunction scanner, which scans directly to my Mac HD and to the path where the Devonthink Inbox is located (/Library/Application Support/Devonthink3/Inbox.dtBase2). When I scan a file in, the following error comes up, but has no information as to why.

The PDF still shows up, everything seems fine… but nonetheless I get an error. It isn’t an OCR issue, because the PDF is PDF/Text and I can highlight text. Has anyone run into this before or perhaps has an idea what might be the cause? Is there a better way to be doing this maybe?

Thanks in advance!

What application is doing the OCR?

I believe this setting controls this, if I understand “incoming” correctly.

Yes, that would show DEVONthink has OCR enabled to create searchable PDFs.
Are you sure your scanner software isn’t also trying to do OCR?

Does DEVONthink have Full Disk Access in System Settings > Privacy & Security?

It did not have full disk access. I added that and that may have been it! I just scanned two items… one with DT3 closed and one open and both worked without issue!. Thank you so very much…

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You’re very welcome!

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